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The first time I heard the story of William Peck and the Blue Vase was when I was a small child. It took place inside a locker room. The team was being coached by Coach Avianantos, Ken Giovando and my father, Jim Bevell. The team was experiencing a high level of success and the vibe in the community was that of excitement. It was a warm Saturday night in Scottsdale and the S.C.C. Artichokes were winning. I followed my father and the team into the locker room. This moment was epic for a youngster and it allowed me into the inner circle of college football. Coach Avianantos was at the helm of the conversation, when he called the players into the center of the locker room and shared a version of “The Blue Vase.” As he told the story, I was moved by the power and passion in which he shared the story.

For those of you who have been inside a locker room, you can mentally picture the speech! My faculties were awake! I felt a thrust of power encompass my body and I remember being in awe at the resolve and dedication William Peck possessed and demonstrated. It was forever etched into my brain. At that moment, I remember telling my young self, “Self, you need to be like William Peck.” That story made sense to my little brain.

Years later, the story still fuels me; it keeps me grinding and focused on “the mission” or “Securing the Vase.”

I have been in possession of the written narrative of the Blue Vase since 1980 and I have the video of “The Go Getter.” I have been sharing the philosophy of the Blue Vase for as long as I can remember. Because of my passion for being absolutely intentional in all we do and say, I decided that the best way to discuss this is to share, break down, examine and implement the principles created by a World War I veteran named William Peck. Here you go -- take notes and enjoy the ride. (This has everything to do with Addiction Recovery.)

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